Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thrifty Crafting

I love finding a deal...whether it's "pictures frames 1/2 off" or "1 yard for $1." Whenever I can get my supplies second hand or donated I do. This year I have been truly blessed to meet some great people who found out that I sew. They quit sewing or had way too much fabric on their hands. Thankfully instead of throwing it all away or shipping it off to Goodwill, it was given to me! I love inheriting old fabrics and notions and whatever else anyone is looking to get rid of. Then I get to come up with what to make out of it. One friend in particular from, "Chicks with Sticks" filled my car with wonderful things a couple of months ago. As an Eco-friendly crafter, it was a dream come true. Ribbons, lace, rick-rack, patches, fabric, patterns and so much more poured out of her house and went into mine. I couldn't thank her enough!

So I have always enjoyed working with neck ties, but lately I've been thinking about new inventive ways to make something new out of them. I've seen them on bags, as straps, and head bands, and my sisters and I even made skirts out of them in high school. (I still have mine)

So the other night when I was putting together a mirror with fabric yoyos all over it. I thought, "maybe neck ties would look neat on a mirror?"

Well it took a couple of days of thinking about how to put it together and some sewing mishaps to get a finished product. Now I found my new favorite way to recycle ties! It's just going to take some more collecting to make another one. Good grief, it took 18 neck ties to make. Even second hand those aren't too cheap. But for now, this beautiful wall mirror is for sale in my shop.

Looking for unwanted neck ties. Got any?

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