Monday, July 4, 2011

Itchin to stitch

Well when it comes to hand embroidery that has to be my favorite form of crafting and I have my grandmother and Aimee Ray to thank for that. Check out her stuff!

My grandmother taught me the stitches and Aimee Ray's book "Doodle Stitching" taught me to get creative with it. I love her designs and they inspired me to make some of my own. Lucky enough, my husband is a bit of a whiz with graphic designing and he helped make my designs into a patterns I could use. Then I got to work mostly with wall art, table clothes, and napkins. Every member of my family has reaped the benefits, so I asked them to send me pictures of all the things I gave them. I started with the pattern and traced it onto the fabric with my favorite washable ink markers, they make it so easy and they don't go away until you wipe cold water on them. They are normally in the embroidery or the sewing notions section at craft stores.

The first set of napkins was Amiee's design. "Mod Napkins" my sister loves them, she never uses disposable napkins.

The second set was a part of my sister and brother-in-law's logo they created for their community school named "SHIFT." They had bike gears in the logo which I took to another level when I created the table cloth that goes with the napkins. I loved making the bike.

My other sister (I have three) and her husband really love Japanese anime films. They're favorite director,  Hayao Miyazaki, does a lot of films for children. I took a different character from each of his films and put them altogether on one piece and they love it! My sister did a good job with the close ups on these pictures. 

The little pom poms with guggle eyes are called "soot sprites". They are my favorites so I made them 3D and I cut the words out of felt.

Thanks for reading!

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