Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hiding something?

So I'm very keen on organization and since I have a very small space to work with I have to be pretty sly when it comes to storing everything. If you have a room like that, try this. I found and old orange tablecloth from the 70s and a funky orange and yellow valance from a thrift store last week. My husband gave me a funny look an asked,"what are you going to do with those?" Well I only spent $1.75 on the whole lot, so even if I didn't exactly know at that moment what it was intended for, it seemed worth it.
Well today I cut that table cloth in half longways,
sewed the raw edge to the top of the valance,
and sewed scratchy sided Velcro in 5 spots on the back.
I found some industrial sticky soft sided Velcro in my husbands studio and stuck it along the bar on the underside of my table (making sure that it was placed according to were the Velcro on the valance was),
then I stuck it on and ta da...
A nifty hiding place for stuff under my table!

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